Walking Together With Jesus- Retreat for Lent @ St Charles’

Got 10 minutes a day to do a retreat for Lent? Do it daily online or by booklet  and here at St Gregory’s/St Charles’ there is the option to join us at a weekly group meeting on Fridays of Lent at 3.30pm in the Barbarigo Room at St Gregory’s

Introduction meeting on Tue 26th Feb at 11.00am for those interested in going to the weekly meetings. For more information please contact: Kitty or Sandra.

The Ignation Spiritual Centre:Glasgow and the Jesuit Media Office in London are offering a retreat for Lent 2019. The course is available online  at www.lentretreat.uk  or by email or in booklet form.

Daily Prayer Each day of Lent we provide daily prayer material, a reading from Scripture, a picture and other reflections.  We ask you to spend from 10 minutes to an hour each day of Lent praying with this material.

This Lent Retreat is a course in prayer. Its aim is to help participants get to know and love Jesus Christ better in order to live a deeper and more authentic Christian life of service.


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